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Mottivation - Through pride in our work, dedication to safety and innovative thinking, we get the job done right. We are the Mott Electric family, supporting our communities and working towards a sustainable greener tomorrow since 1930.

Established by William Mott in 1930, Mott Electric is one of the oldest and largest electrical contracting companies in the Lower Mainland of beautiful British Columbia.

Here at Mott Electric, we have extensive experience and specialized knowledge in all aspects of electrical contracting— and we continuously prove why we are a leader in the electrical industry. Careful planning, and positive relationships with our clients, other trades, and trusted suppliers, ensures that every project we take on is successful, on budget, and on time.  Mott Electric provides all aspects of electrical services and our experience enables us to take on any project and succeed.

We strive to employ tried and true construction methodology in combination with innovative technologies to complete your project beyond your expectations!

Mott Electric has been a trusted local electrical contractor since 1930, and plans to be in business for a long time! We are dedicated to not only “staying in business,” but being the local leader in electrical contracting.  Since 1930, our commitment has been to provide unsurpassed quality and service— our owners and managers have strategically monitored, expanded, and evolved with the industry and technological advances, as well as economic fluctuations. Our longevity is due to our commitment to innovation, corporate responsibility, community involvement, high-level learning, and most of all, the commitment to our clients.

The knowledge passed on from generation to generation is what keeps us incomparable to other local electrical contractors. Our long-term staff train and advise our younger employees so the vast wealth of their experience passes on and on and on. We encourage our employees to diversify their skills with Mott Electric supporting them so that they can bring knowledge and experience to any sector of the market.

Mott Electric management is heavily involved in creating industry-related policy at local, provincial and national levels to ensure employees have fair treatment, and to ensure that accreditation standards are current, relevant, and beneficial for both workers and their employers.

Core Values Mott
  • Founding of Mott


    1930 William Malcolm Mott was a native of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and a veteran of World War I. He arrived in New Westminster in 1928 and founded Mott Electric Ltd. here in 1930. Mott was a city councilor for six years before being elected Mayor, a post he held from 1942 to 1948. He was subsequently elected New Westminster’s Liberal Member of Parliament, serving from 1949 to 1953.  

  • New Westminster Cubs

    Cubs Formed

    1933 Mott electric funded Mott Electric’s New Westminster Cubs

  • Pattullo Bridge

    Pattullo Bridge

    1937 William Mott is seen on the deck of the Pattullo Bridge prior to its opening date of Nov. 15, 1937. His company had to install all the necessary conduits and connections for the system as well as the substation. More than 35,000 feet of cable and 20,000 feet of conduit pipe were used.

  • New Westiminster Office

    Royal Ave Office

    1948 Mott Electric moved to 1111 Royal avenue In New Westminster

  • BMO Drive Thru

    First Bank

    1950 Mott Electric  provided electrical services to Canada’s First Drive-Thru bank.

  • Lester Pearson School

    Lester Pearson

    1955-1960 Mott was the electrical contractor for the original Lester Pearson School which opened in 1955.  Other projects to note. 1) 1959 Queens Ave United Church. 2) 1960 Texada Mines.

  • Don Mott Takes Over

    Don Mott

    1961 Don Mott becomes President of Mott Electric  

  • Mott Van Projects

    Projects from the Past

    Completed within 1963-1967.  1)  1963 Mayfair Shopping Centre Victoria. 2) 1964 Maywood Elem School Burnaby. 3) 1966 Burrard Thermal. 4) 1967 Matsqui Instillation chapels   

  • Burnaby Office

    Burnaby Office

    In 1969 Mott moved into their once brand new facility on 14th avenue in Burnaby.

  • Acute Care Hospital

    Projects in the Past

    Projects from 1978-1984.  1) 1978 Acute Care Hospital. 2) 1979 Delta Hospital. 3) 1980 Cranbrook substation. 4) 1981 Douglas college. 5) 1982 Vancouver Vocational Inst. Phase III. 6) 1984 ALRT.

  • Dan Mott President

    Dan Mott Becomes President

    1986 Dan Mott becomes President of Mott Electric

  • Plane Mott Letters

    Projects from 1987-2011

    Projects completed from 1987 to 2011. 1) 1987 Highland Valley Copper. 2) 1989 Howe sound pulp and Mill. 3) 1990 Casiar Connector. 4) 1991 Neptune Bulk terminals. 5) 1992 BC transit LIM rail. 6) 1993 Fair Haven Multi level Facility. 7) 1994 Collingwood Village. 8) 1995 Langley Memorial Hospital. 9) 1996 The Pinnacle. 10) 1997 Heritage Court. 10) 1998 Delta Pinnacle hotel. 11) 1999 Cascadia Terminal. 12) 2000 St Johns Ambulance house. 13) 2001 Abbotsford Regional Health Center. 14) 2002 The Pearla. 15) 2003 Capilano pump station 16) 2005 VGH Energy center. 17) 2006 Crossroads. 18) 2007 YMCA. 19) 2008 LUX. 20) 2009 Delta Port Berth 1-3. 21) 2010 IKEA. 22) 2011 salt.

  • New Burnaby Office

    New Burnaby Office

    2012 Mott Electric Moves to a 4 acre space located at 4599 Tillicum street.

  • Marine Gateway Project

    Massive Projects

    Projects On-Going or Completed from 2013-2015. 1) 2012 Marine Gateway. 2) 2014 Brentwood Expansion. 3) 2015 Vancouver House

  • Mott Women in Trades

    Mott Supporting Women

    The Mott Electric  Women in Trades Training Fund is designed to support women entering into or continuing education in the electrical trades. Bursaries may be used for tuition fees or textbooks.  Mott Electric intention when establishing this fund, was to ensure that women are recognized as valued members of the industry. Mott Electric  is focused on actively planning for the next generation and ensuring women have a place in industry is key to a successful community.

  • Viterra and Hub Project

    Latest Projects

    Projects Completed or On-Going from 2017 to 2018. 1) 2017 Viterra distribution upgrade. 2) 2018 The Hub

Our Awards

At Mott Electric, we continuously prove why we are an electrical industry leader.  We hold our employees, safety practices, and work ethic to a very high standard, and will always stand by our finished product. We always welcome and encourage an open dialog with our clients.  This continuing communication will keep them updated on the job’s progress, while helping forecast any issues, and addressing any potential concerns.

Mott Electric has won many prestigious industry awards. Below is a selection of the most recent awards.

  • Voted one of BC’s Top Employers
  • Canadian Family Enterprise Exchange – National Finalist
  • BC Family Enterprise Exchange – Family Enterprise of the Year
  • VRCA Award of Excellence, Silver – Projects over 8 million dollars: Marine Gateway
  • Burnaby Board of Trade – Burnaby Business of the Year
  • 25-year Membership Recognition – VRCA
  • VRCA Award of Excellence, Silver – IKEA Relocation Project
  • Gold Medal Performance – Venue Construction Cypress Mountain
  • CSABC Star Cor Program
  • 75 Year Membership Award
  • VRCA Award of Excellence, Silver –YMCA Robert Lee Building
  • VRCA Award of Excellence, Gold – Capilano Pump Station Project
  • VRCA Award of Excellence – Education Leadership Award

Our Accreditations

Mott Electric is a proud member and supporter of the many locally and nationally accredited organizations. For more information about these organizations, expand the descriptions below:

builders code

The Builders Code sets a standard code of conduct for workers on construction sites in BC. It defines an “Acceptable Worksite” as the starting point for reducing risk and ensuring a safe and productive environment for all workers. The Builders Code is intended to help construction employers communicate a reasonable, consistent behavior expectation to improve the safety, productivity and retention of skilled tradespeople, and reduce project risk.


Construction Labour Logo

Construction Labour Relations Association of BC was established in 1969 with the objective of bringing labour relations stability and security to contractors in BC’s unionized construction sector. Today, CLR continues to provide a unified voice that is essential to negotiating the most favourable agreements for its members and the industry



IBEW represents approximately 675,000 members who work in a wide variety of fields, including utilities, construction, telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, railroads and government.


IBEW Canada

IBEW Canada has been in operation for over 100 years and represents over 70,000 members from coast-to-coast in every province and territory. Their flexibility and willingness to change with the times is what keeps them going. They have an active organizing program, not only in traditional electrical work, but in many other areas of the electrical industry.


ECABC Contractors

ECABC is an association dedicated to the interests of electrical contractors and their suppliers in BC. Founded in 1952, membership consists of union affiliated contractors, open shop contractors, manufacturers and distributors.



The Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada



Building Owners and Managers Association of British Columbia












National Electrical Contractors Association





Indigenous Partnerships

Our reconciliation strategy weaves together our strategic intent, MOTT Core Values, and corporate priorities. Mott Electric takes a proactive approach in working with Local First Nations, throughout the province to provide economic benefit and capacity-building opportunities for First Nations peoples derived from projects and sustainable relationships. We commit to establishing and maintaining meaningful connections with the local Indigenous communities, including our employees, customers and contractors. We commit to developing an understanding and appreciation of indigenous culture, and to building an inclusive organizational culture. This will be achieved through community support, local capacity building, business prospects, employment and training opportunities and more.

As our history is long, our recognition of reconciliation is not new – we have had a memorandum of understanding with the TsleilWaututh Nation since 2012. We are proud to have this longstanding relationship and look forward to continuing our collaboration and support of this nation and others as we work towards creating a healthy future for generations to come.

“The Tsleil-Waututh vision is to once again put the Tsleil-Waututh face on our traditional territory, to be active participants in all social, economic, cultural, and political activities that take place on our lands by building strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect.”

TsleilWaututh Partnership with Mott
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