All of your project needs can be found in either our Electrical, Service or Data divisions.


ASHARE Standards

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers, or ASHRAE, are standards developed by the industry’s top professionals in order to ensure whole building energy control that emphasizes operating cost savings, emissions responsibility, sustainability, and optimization of the resources we use daily.

Continuously educating and fostering strong relationships with industry leaders allows Mott Electric to stay on the cutting edge of the latest standards and best practices. With access to, and experience with, a wide variety of lighting control systems, we can merge practical control solutions with exciting design and function to meet every client’s unique vision.

Mott Electric uses the most current and innovative technology of any electrical contractor in the Greater Vancouver Area. Our team will work with you through every step of your project to achieve design intent and give you a finished product that meets your every need.


Commercial Development

Mott Electric has experienced personnel that can assist with the development, implementation, and renovation of any commercial project with uncompromised quality and service. We are Vancouver’s trusted choice of electrical contractor— we have the winning combination of established methods and innovative approaches.

Data Center and UPS Systems

Data Center

Data centres are becoming an essential part of the industry, and at Mott Electric, we have dedicated project managers that specialize in them! This type of work requires dedication and precise management, and Mott Electric is very familiar with the various processes and the infrastructure required for these projects we have been Vancouver’s premier choice for design and installs for quite some time.

Largely in part to the secure names and detailed information, we are limited on the information we are sharing… what happens in the data centre stays in the data centre!

Design Builds

Design Builds

Mott Electric brings the experience and trust you deserve. We have established strong relationships with engineers and manufacturers in the Greater Vancouver Area. With our understanding of design and installation requirements, we are able to accurately forecast a project timeline for you and ensure milestones are met.

Our team is dedicated to effective communication and working together with you, ensuring that we create an efficient goal that we can work towards, together.

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms have evolved over the past few decades to better protect your buildings and their occupants, and it stands to reason that each space will have a unique (and sometimes complex) fire alarm system.

Our team has years of experience on the various types of fire alarm systems that you may encounter. Whether your fire alarm systems need a little TLC, or you’re looking at a new installation… we have the tools to keep you and your assets protected.

Hospital and Healthcare

Hospital and Heathcare

Working in hospitals and other healthcare environments takes a certain level of expertise, and at Mott Electric, we have project managers that put this work at the top of their lists. Any of your renovation and installation needs can be met with extra care taken to meet all infectious control requirements, CSA Z32 equipotential grounding, and hospital code compliance and standards.

We have many years of experience working with local Vancouver dentists, physiotherapists, doctors offices, OR’s, care facilities, and retirement homes. More specifically, our projects include medical imaging replacements, such as CTs, X-Rays, and MRI’s, emergency power, nurse call systems, and fire alarm systems.

Industrial sub-trade contractor


Mott Electric has a vast reservoir of industrial experience as a sub-trade electrical contractor and as a prime contractor. Our knowledge of the electrical industry and compliance requirements is unsurpassed. We have the specialized knowledge and experience to plan and execute the most detailed industrial projects— whether it is new construction or upgrade to existing facilities.

Mott Electric adheres to the highest safety standards, ensuring all workers and visitors are protected. We were raised on the industrial!


Institutional Projects

Institutional projects have a unique set of challenges not found in other industries. For example, upgrading existing facilities which may be occupied by long-term residents. Our staff specializing in institutional projects have a security clearance that allows them to work in both high risk and highly confidential environments.

Our skilled, professional staff know how to respect the grounds, the people, and safety procedures while completing institutional projects— while simultaneously getting the job done right.

Lighting Control

Lighting Controls

Lighting control standards are more extensive than ever and will continue to evolve at rapid rates. Through continuous education and strong relationships with local and international industry leaders, Mott Electric is at the forefront of current standards and cutting edge technology.

Our team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life. We’re incredibly passionate about fusing practical control solutions with exciting design elements and functions.

Did you know? Lighting control installations can reduce operating costs, reduce energy waste, and optimize the resources you use every day for a more sustainable tomorrow.


LEED Certified

Mott Electric is a member of the Canada Green Building Council and we passionately advocate using energy efficient technology— not only in the projects we complete but also in the processes we use to complete them.

Mott Electric has been involved in numerous local LEED projects led by our LEED certified professionals, and our team of trained installers.

Lighting Design and Retrofits

Lighting Design and Retrofits

While the industry is taking on the world of LEDs at an incredible rate, the consumers are left wondering… “Do we upgrade our existing system, or do we do a full lighting upgrade?”

Mott Electric continues to utilize our long-lasting relationships with the best local lighting suppliers out there. Let us take care of all your lighting needs and witness first-hand how bright we really are!

Residential & Multi-Use High-Rises

Residential Leed Projects

Mott Electric has one of the most experienced electrical contractor teams in the lower mainland that is dedicated to working on residential and multi-use high rises. We continuously prove why we are the local electrical industry leader.

Our experience in this type of project has given success to not only us but to our customers as well. Mott Electric always adheres to the highest safety standards to ensure each individual on site is safe. We view codes and specs as the bare minimum, but we always strive to surpass these while remaining on time and on budget.

Service Distribution

Service Distribution

Service distribution, no matter how large or small, is a critical part of your energy foundation.

Our professional team takes great pride in working with you to create and implement optimal distribution solutions for a variety of applications. The scope of these projects consists of multiple complex components ranging from temporary power to existing loads, decommissioning of expired equipment, new cabling, bussing, terminations, temporary solutions, existing gear modification, updated mimic bus, permits, seismic, record drawings, and maintenance manuals… just to name a few!

Together with ingenuity, adaptability, and knowledge, you can have full confidence in your system working for you now, and in the future.

Small-to-Large Tenant Improvements


We offer a wide range of commercial and residential tenant services for our clients. No matter how big or small your tenant’s needs are, we’re the ones to call! With our Vancouver office located right downtown, our team is a short walk or transit to any buildings.

We cover everything for new and existing tenants. Leave it to us— we can make any project a success.



Generation, transmission and distribution are the key elements that make up a substation before it gets to you. With the top professionals in this sector working on our side, we are able to take on these projects with confidence.

Mott Electric is a leader in these environments, taking on all the challenges that present itself with this style of work. We are knowledgeable from our large amounts of previous projects, and we’ll continue to stand out— just watch us!

Transit Infrastructure and Upgrades

Transit Infrastructure

Transit infrastructure requires a high level of reliability and a near constant “in service” period. Our crews are proficient at working on tight timelines in order to meet these requirements. In order to do this, it requires skilled workers cooperating with multiple local contractors and scheduling with different user groups, while being able to react to rapidly changing conditions.

This type of work is not for everyone, but it is for the skilled professionals at Mott Electric.

24/7 Emergency Response

24 7 Emergency Response

We’re dedicated to providing you with quality service. That’s why at Mott Electric, we have someone available to answer your call around the clock. Whether you have an electrical emergency in the middle of the day, or the middle of the night, we’ve got your back.

Aerial Bucket Truck Services

Aerial Bucket Truck Services

We’ve got your back, no matter what, which is why we have a full fleet of specialty vehicles for any scenario. Often called a cherry picker, this specialized piece of truck mounted equipment allows for efficient cabling installation and adherence to safety standards.

Annual Electrical Operating Permits

Annual Electrical Operating Permits

Here at Mott Electric, we strive to provide a full service experience, which is why we take care of your annual operating permit— giving you year round assurance that you can trust.

A yearly permit allows you to have any electrical maintenance taken care of, without the hassle of having to find a different electrical company every time.

Call us for a free estimate, and let us give you the level of service you deserve!

Arc Flash & Coordination Studies

Arc Flash & Coordination Studies

These studies, performed alongside reputable Electrical Engineering firms, help to give another level of understanding of your electrical system. This will help building engineers and electricians determine the risk factor involved in working on a specific piece of equipment. This allows us to use the appropriate safety equipment to get the job done right. Following that, we provide proper warning labels for the equipment and make sure it’s safe and properly labeled for any user.

Daily Items

Daily Items

This includes anything from adding a receptacle, to adding a new phone line, or troubleshooting (and repairing!) lighting issues. Give us a call and let’s get it done.

Electrical Power Analysis

Electrical Power Analysis

Using our Power Quality Analyzers, we can take a snapshot of your current electrical system- whether it’s one circuit, one electrical panel, or an entire electrical system! By completing these snapshots, we can help you uncover hidden issues, as well as point out potential cost saving measures, such as LED lighting upgrades.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Whether you’re looking for electric vehicle charging for residential or commercial use, we take care of it all! We start with determining if your current electrical system has the capacity to support your charging unit, as well as taking care of any required inspections. Contact us to get your EV charger done right.

Did we mention we’re Tesla Certified?

For the House

For the house

Looking for a refresh of your house or apartment? Being in the industry for as long as we have, has its advantages. We get to see all of the newest products to hit the market. This allows us to give you a customizable plan to bring your home into the 21st century.

  • Power savings (LED lamps or fixtures)
  • Upgrade switches and receptacles for a more modern look
  • Built in wireless chargers for mobile devices
  • Add timers for bathroom fans
  • Motion sensor for exterior lights
  • Receptacles with USB ports
  • Smoke detector check (batteries, expiry date check, unit replacement if necessary)
  • Test and replace OR install GFCI protection
  • Surge protection for your home panel
  • Surge protection for specific devices
  • Vehicle chargers

No matter what it is, we’ve got you covered.

Generator Testing and Maintenance

Generator Testing and Maintenance

Without proper maintenance schedules and processes in place, you may be left in the dark. Routine generator maintenance and load testing is a service we offer in order to give you the confidence that your generator will work when the power goes down.

It is vital that these are maintained for the safety and insurance of your buildings and the people inside!

Heat Scans

Heat Scans

Heat scans are a great way to get a visual on your electrical equipment– and can give us a good indication of any parts that are failing… before they completely quit on you. We’re dedicated to saving you time, money, and keeping your life hassle-free!

Life Safety and Emergency Systems

Life Safety and Emergency Systems

Most electrical installations require some component of life safety and emergency systems. These considerations are absolutely essential to protecting people and property.

Systems can range from simple to complex, to dynamic building integration… and everything in between, such as emergency power supplies, egress lighting, and fire suppression systems. You can trust Mott Electric to work with local engineers, local contractors, and local authorities in order to meet and exceed industry standards.

Metering and Submetering

Metering and Submetering

Our skilled team installs certified, revenue grade metering solutions that allows you to monitor per-tenant usage and charge them accordingly.

Our team will also install information-only meters that allow us to collect data on your current systems and lets us see how your power is really being used.  These can be used for specific buildings, units, shops, car chargers… to name a few. Whatever it is, we can meter it!

Shutdown Coordination

Shutdown Coordination

We have a dedicated team knowledgeable in what is required when shutdown coordination is required for servicing or emergency repair of equipment.

We are committed to properly investigating and providing adequate temporary solutions to support loads during the shutdown. Mott Electric has a team of individuals who are highly trained in this discipline, possessing a specialized skill set and years of experience to ensure projects adhere to high standards of safety.

Vault Maintenance

Vault Maintenance

Mott Electric has built great relationships with some of the best names in the High Voltage Industry, allowing us to coordinate any vault maintenance requirements as mandated by BC Hydro. With our experience and proper procedures, we can take care of it all.

Fiber Optics

Heat Scans

Mott Electric has extensive experience in delivering high-quality fiber optic installations throughout Western Canada. With the opportunity to mobilize anywhere in the province, we are constantly evolving standards, methodologies, and cost-saving solutions to meet our varying customers’ needs.

We offer an end-to-end solution for all functional areas of FTTx; including design, communication and approval, outside plant, and inside wiring. We are equipped to excel from the design and planning stage, to equipment installation and commissioning.

Mott Electric currently boasts western Canada’s largest in-house fiber optic service provider; there are no barriers to the fiber optic scope of work that we can perform, with the highest quality, safety and expertise available.

Wireless Infrastructure

MTI Mott Electric

Mott Electric has been building wireless infrastructure for public safety and commercial carriers for over 20 years, from the original analog cell sites to the upcoming 5G networks.

Our current and previous clients include BC Hydro, Bell Mobility, TELUS Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Ecomm, and others.  Our experience ranges from remote mountaintop towers, downtown Vancouver rooftops, shopping center in-building coverage solutions, hospitals, and everything in between!

Our dedicated team is skilled in electrical, fibre, coax, structured cabling, and general construction. We have been the contractor of choice for many cutting edge wireless technology trials in the Vancouver market and continue to grow each year.

Voice & Data Cabling

24 7 Emergency Response

We can take care of all your data needs whether it be a simple CAT6 voice/data install, or critical cabling infrastructure. From structured cabling and riser management, to installation and maintenance, we can take care of all the testing requirements to assure you have what you need.

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